You Know You’re an Athlete When…

Raegan Stokes ’19
Assistant Sports Editor

1. You’re constantly hungry.

Seriously, one meal just isn’t enough. The plates you rack up in the dining hall start to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When you’re in the off season you try, to no avail, to cut down on your eating habits because you aren’t burning 2,000 calories at practice every day.

2. Your wardrobe is half team apparel.

Team jacket, workout shirts, shorts, sweatpants and you’re still excited for next year’s apparel. You own more sweatpants than you do jeans, and you don’t even care.

3. You cringe every time you hear the words “Get on the line.”

When your math teacher says the word “line” in class, you start having flashbacks of yesterday’s sprints and have a mini heart attack. Then you realize you’ll probably have to do sprints again in today’s practice and start mentally preparing yourself.

4. You dread taking the stairs because yesterday was lift.

Class on the fourth floor of Sabin-Reed? No way are you taking the stairs. You feel like you’re walking like a penguin everywhere, so how can anyone expect you to actually climb stairs?

5. You show up to class sweaty from your 6 a.m. lift.

No shame, you show up to class in sweats and a t-shirt. You sit there chugging your coffee to try to stay awake as you wonder if deodorant companies really took situations like this into consideration when making a “24-hour lasting” deodorant.

6. You feel lost when you don’t work out for more than two days.

When you’re in the off season, you live at the gym. You constantly feel pressure to stay in shape because you’re already thinking of next season. You tell yourself, “This is the year I’ll be ready for preseason sprints,” when in reality, no one can ever really be ready.

7. Chocolate milk is your favorite drink.

The first thing you get in the dining hall after practice is a glass of chocolate milk, no matter what dinner is. Shrimp linguini tonight? Doesn’t matter, you’re drinking chocolate milk.

8. You have an always-evolving pump-up playlist.

You take your pump-up playlist seriously. Finding new songs to add to the playlist is the best feeling in the world.

9. You get way too excited about buying new sneakers.

You can’t wait to take your new sneakers on a run. Even though you already have about four pairs of old sneakers in your room, you honestly just can’t have enough.

10. Your teammates are your family.

You spend far too much time with your team, but you love it anyway. You all suffer through 6 a.m. practices and long rides to away games, and you wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.

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