You Know You’re a Quad Person When…

Photo by Carolyn Brown '16 | Pictured from left, Cushing House, Comstock House, Wilder House and Morrow House.

Photo by Carolyn Brown ’16 | Pictured from left, Cushing House, Comstock House, Wilder House and Morrow House.

Janan Fugel ’19
Contributing Writer

As Smithies, we all know just how important our housing system is. Even though #housesnotdorms isn’t trending on Twitter, it is always trending on Smith’s campus. There are Tumblr’s dedicated to deciphering the personalities of each house and explaining their little quirks and traditions. Equally as important to Smithies as which house they live in is to which part of campus their house belongs. When Smithies meet each other for the first time, one of the first questions to come up is “where do you live?” or “what house are you in?” As a new Quadling on campus, I have noticed that there are certain reactions to my response that I have never noticed my Green Streeters or Center Campusite counterparts receive. The more of my fellow Quadlings I talk to, the more I realize there is so much more to living in the Quad than meets the eye… especially if that eye is a Green Street or Elm Street eye.

You know you live in the Quad when:

1. Living in East Quad means something completely different than living in West Quad, and only if you live in the Quad does that make total sense.

2. You know exactly where every house in the Quad is located, and maybe Chapin, but have no idea how to get to any other houses on campus.

3. You walk by KMac’s house and look for her, secretly hoping you’ll see her…one of these days!

4. Your house pride is through the roof!

5. You or someone you know has climbed the lamppost.

6. You know all about the super secret, super cool tunnels. **wink wink**

7. You’ve waited on the line in front of Gardener to get into Fetish.

8. You know you’re late to class because no one is walking with you and you’ve missed the rush.

9. When you get out of class and get to actually leave “school” and come home.

10. It’s a big deal if you make a friend who isn’t from the Quad.

11. You have to actually schedule lunch dates or coffee meetings with said non-Quad friends.

12. When outsiders assume you have no time to get work done with all of the partying going on.

13. You find yourself constantly defending those who complain about how far away you live from campus.

14. Most of your traditions involve running out into the Quad (mostly naked) screaming at the top of your lungs at a very inappropriate hour.

15. You tell people you live in the Quad and their response is just “oh…” or “ugh.”

16. You get to graduate right in front of your own home.

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