“You know you go to Smith when … ” As told by Yik Yak

Miranda Catsambas ’19
Contributing Writer

Yik Yak is a social media application that allows people to anonymously write, respond and vote on posts made by anyone with the app within a 5-mile radius. It is used at many colleges across the country, and it works by location: you can only interact with the posts in your current area. When you leave, new posts pop up, based on your new location. Due to the anonymous nature of the app, the true colors of a college community are often shared, for better or for worse. Here are some Yaks that, to some extent, show what it is like to attend Smith:

“My computer gets so much more sleep than I do.”

“When you’re too depressed to masturbate.”

“I wish there were a formula to make friends … the squadratic formula.”

“I’ve officially collected all the cats in the Neko Atsume. I feel so accomplished.”

“Beyonce really likes dropping surprise albums during high academic times.”

“I never knew how much I wanted to crush the patriarchy until I went to study abroad in a co-ed school.”

“Shout out to all the femmes on campus.  Stay beautiful!”

“Shout out to all the butches on campus.”

“Smith … I’m confused.  How could an all women’s college have worse toilet paper than UMass?”

“The last time I was someone’s type was when I was donating blood.”

“I know that controversial topics can cause bad things to happen on Yak, but we all upvote so much and provide support for each other. I love the Smith Yak community.”

It is true: most colleges’ Yaks are much more toxic and unwelcoming than Smith’s. The posts on Smith’s Yik Yak are some of the most sweet, supportive Yaks around. In this way, Smith Yik Yak is representative of our non-virtual community, or Smith “in real life” of course: we have our problems in real life, and we can see many problematic posts on Yik Yak.  But, at the end of the day, Smith can be an amazing, supportive place filled with amazing, supportive people.

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