Top 10 Snack Fixes

Dinah Nahid ’19
Contributing Writer

Sometimes when I’m up late studying, doing homework (long past dinner time) or just up at night watching TV, I reach for a snack. The kind of snack I choose depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m craving, but I have a few favorites.

Stroopwafels: These caramel-infused waffle cookies from Holland are the perfect snack if you want something nice and sweet but without chocolate. They are chewy and highly addictive. These can be purchased online, at a supermarket or if you are feeling ambitious, you can try making them yourself.

Roasted Seaweed: This is a snack that you either love or hate. I happen to be someone who really likes seaweed as a snack. Seaweed comes in thin dry rectangles that are lightly salted and roasted with the perfect crunch.

Popcorn: Popcorn is a highly popular snack and it is just overall wonderful. However, I don’t have buttered popcorn too often. I really like it, but for something that I snack on frequently, the butter that comes with our beloved microwave popcorn isn’t too healthy. I prefer to substitute olive oil for a great snack fix.

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips: These coconut chips are toasted with sugar and salt, which gives them a nice sweet and salty flavor. A friend of mine got me to try these recently, and I have added it to my snack arsenal. These can be a little expensive, but as a special treat, these chips hit the spot.

Dried Mango: I tried these on my Outdoor Adventure First-Year Orientation group on the Appalachian Trail. I fell in love with this dry and sweet delight. After I came back from that trip, I bought a couple of packets of these sweet mango slices. They are perfect for any mango lover.

Easy Mac ’n Cheese: This lovely microwavable snack is amazing if you want something cheesy and hot. Sometimes, I want a snack that is nice and warm, especially on these recent chilly fall evenings.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies: These little bite-sized cookies are my go-to for a sweet snack. This “quarter-sized” snack allows me to have as little or as much of a cookie as I want. Though I sometimes do get carried away due to their small size.

Trolli Gummy Worms: This sweet and sour gummy candy from the Campus Center Cafe is something I like to pick when I go to do work in the cozy booth seating area in the cafe.

Goldfish Crackers: These cheesy fish-shaped crackers are a perfect childhood throwback. These are also perfect for sharing with friends or a study group (along with many of the other snacks on this list).

Nutella and Cracker Snack Pack: I really love Nutella. Who doesn’t? This delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread can be enjoyed in small portion sized packages that come with crackers for dipping.

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