Three Ways to Give on Thanksgiving

Alice Mungyu ’19
Features Editor

Thanksgiving is around the corner and most people anticipate gathering with their family, hustling holiday trips and plenty of delicious food. Thanksgiving is also a time to be grateful and to give thanks for everything you have in life. It’s a time for people to remember that they shouldn’t take things for granted. Apart from the traditional expression of gratitude during a family dinner, here are a few ways on how to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

1. Invite someone over for dinner

The best way of giving thanksgiving is to invite someone over for a dinner. Whether it’s a friend who can’t make it home or an aged neighbor, welcome them to join your family dinner. You will get to know the person better, and nothing can make people happier than a sense of fellowship and togetherness.

2. Ask to Bring Something 

If you are invited to a dinner party, make sure to ask the host ahead of time if there’s anything you can bring for the meal — a side dish or a flower arrangement for the table, for example. The important thing is to just offer a little something that says, “thank you for doing this and inviting me to be a part of it!”

3. Donate something

While most of us consider family the most important part of Thanksgiving, don’t forget about those who are around us and who need some attention as well. Thanksgiving is all about sharing happiness with your family and other people. You can donate money or even your clothes to charities around you. This is a simple win-win situation for you and the charity and this little act of kindness might bring happiness to someone’s life. This is not only a way of sharing thanks for all the beautiful things in your life but is also a great way to share happiness with the other people.

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