The Start of a Record Breaking Season

Photo courtesy of Eliza Monteague '15

Photo courtesy of Eliza Monteague ’15

Alyssa Barrett ‘15
Sports Editor

Just nine matches into the 2013 season and Smith College Volleyball has already broken records. On Saturday, SCVB astoundingly came back from a 0-2 deficit to win 3-2 over Babson, a power-house in the NEWMACs. Beating Babson has been a goal for many Smith teams over the years.

Volleyball has finally done the deed and defeated the Beavers after six long years. Each set of the match was a nail-biter as the Pioneers left everything on the court. One of SCVB’s captains, Rosa Drummond (’14), illustrated the turning point of the match: “In the middle of the 2nd set we gained some momentum, and although it was too late for that set we were able to carry it over to the 3rd set. We knew it was our home court, and it was our time to prove ourselves”.

The Pioneers may have lost the first two sets, but there was no stopping them in the next three. The Beavers put up a fight, but SCVB would not relent. When asked at what moment did the team know they were going all the way, Drummond responded: “We never had a doubt. We had a great practice the day before, and we believed that we would win the game”.

Athletes across the board stress the importance of an excellent practice the day before a game. Here is the proof that it works. Successful teams such as SCVB also stress the significance of a team acting as a whole unit. Drummond stated after the game that “it takes the whole team to win gutsy 5-gamers, especially after we’ve lost the first two sets. Everyone gave it their all-the players on court refused to let a ball drop and communicated well, and the players on the bench were vital in sustaining our energy through the lulls”.

The Pioneers’ unity seems to be a key factor to their successful start of the season. In fact SCVB has already won more games this season than last year. The Pioneers last year ended the season with a record of 7-19. The victory against Babson makes their eighth win, which already surpasses last year’s record in just nine matches.

The team still has a many matches left in there season, who knows what they are capable of this year. Mei-Li Smith (’16) commented after the game: “My hope for this season was to improve from last year. In just nine games, we have accomplished this and will keep on pushing until we reach .500 in conference”.

The expectations are set and SCVB is working hard day in and day out to have an outstanding season. Drummond makes a final note: “We have more experience, we have more determination, and we worked harder in the summer than in past years. We want to make this year special”. Well, Volleyball you proved many wrong this week. Keep it up and make us Smithies proud. Come root on the Pioneers at their next home game on Tuesday (October 1st) at 7pm!

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