The Season of Giving

Photo courtesy of & | Holiday makeup kits or chocolate truffles are great go-to gifts this holiday season.

Photo courtesy of & | Holiday makeup kits or chocolate truffles are great go-to gifts this holiday season.

Alice Mungyu ’19
Features Editor

Looking for the perfect gift can be challenging and overwhelming. It’s not easy to find something for everyone on the list while fighting the bustling, crowded lines and keeping within budget. But don’t let that suck the joy out of you! Here are some creative yet affordable ideas for gift giving:

1. Makeup/Skincare

During this time of the year, many brands are releasing gift sets perfect for this holiday season. With an assortment of samples at a fraction of the original price, the best thing about giving a gift set is that the person can try on an assortment of products without being fully committed to it if they don’t like it. Explore different beauty trends with Sephora Favorites; collection sets that just launched several new kits for the holidays, including the Give Me Some Bold Lip Set and Lashstash. Or gift a beauty box subscription such as Ispy or Glossier that is filled with personalized makeup products. While makeup can be a personal preference, lotions, face masks or body spray is more versatile especially for your skincare-obsessed younger sister.

2. Edible Gifts

Homemade gifts are thoughtful and fun to do, especially if they’re edible. If you want to make something fast, whip up a homemade tea that involves nothing more than mixing dried herbs. A combination of chamomile, rosebuds and lavender is the perfect calming herbal tea for the cold season ahead. Package it in a sack and tie it together with a thread. You can also spread the holiday cheer by making seasonal food gifts, such as chocolate bark, truffles and cookies.

3. Gift Cards

If you don’t want to stress over whether or not the receiver will like what you’ve gotten them, your best bet is to give them a gift card. This might seem too easy, but if you’re all out of options, gift cards can still be a creative and safe option for gift giving. If your friend is obsessed with makeup, get them a Sephora gift card, or, if they love music, a gift card to iTunes is a good option. For clothing lovers, you can’t go wrong with gift cards from Forever 21 or Zara.

4. Think Outside the Mall

Yes, going to the mall and getting all the holiday shopping done in one go is very tempting, but there are plenty of ways to show people that we’ve paid attention to what actually brings them joy. Channel your inner ten-year old self by making “holiday coupons” that contains different limited-time offers such as a homemade dinner, control of the remote, hugs, and more.

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