The Midterms are Coming! Top Study Spots at Smith

Photo by Sara Del Villar '17 | The Campus Center offers rooms and tables that are highly conducive to studying.

Photo by Sara Del Villar ’17 | The Campus Center offers rooms and tables that are highly conducive to studying.


Jocelyn Hu ’19
Contributing Writer

Smith provides many places for students to study on campus, each suitable for the study habits of different kinds of students. Here are some of the most popular areas on campus for Smithies to catch up on homework, reading assignments and, of course, studying for upcoming midterms:

Libraries: All four of Smith’s libraries, Neilson Library, Hillyer Art Library, Josten Performing Arts Library and Young Science Library, offer individual study carrels with a first-come, first-served reserving policy.  A student is required to bring her OneCard to the Circulation Desk at the library where she would like to reserve a carrel. Most reservations are valid only for the academic year, but reservations in Neilson are also available during the summer. Students can also study in the information commons of Neilson, but this area is more suitable for group discussion, because students are allowed to talk there. The mezzanine area in Josten or the Neilson Reading Room are also good choices. Libraries are the perfect places to study, since library staff members are so willing to help students find the resources they need. In the libraries, students can absorb themselves in their reading, papers or research while sitting in a comfy leather chair.

Dining halls: An hour after dinner, the Cutter-Ziskind dining hall becomes quiet, but still has sufficient light for homework. Students who live far away from the libraries may choose to work on their homework in the dining halls instead instead. If you happen to live in a house with a dining hall, what better place to study, where you can make a quick run upstairs to your room if you forget something?

Academic buildings: Academic buildings such as Seelye and Ford also have quiet classrooms available for students to use starting at around 7 p.m. The classrooms can be used as private study rooms, as well as group discussion rooms.

The Campus Center Cafe: If you prefer working in the midst of hustle and bustle, the CC Cafe is the place for you. Although the Campus Center has many potential study areas such as the lower level couches or the upper level rooms, there are always chairs or booths in the cafe, as well tables and outlets for anyone to use.

Smith has countless study places, but most important thing is to find a place where you can best concentrate on your work.

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