The Growth of the Smith Mascot

Photo courtesy of | Timeline of Smith Athletic logos & mascots.

Photo courtesy of | Timeline of Smith Athletic logos & mascots.


Erin Richards ’15
Sports Editor

Much like the school itself, the Smith College mascot has evolved over the years. Most students are aware that today we are known as the Pioneers, but that has not always been the case. In 1880, Smith first adopted a crest with the Virgin Mary on it. The crest was accompanied by our motto, “In Virtue, Knowledge.” Although it is doubtful early Smithies dubbed themselves “The Virgins,” the Virgin Mary can technically be called our first mascot. Smith’s second mascot was supposedly a unicorn; although there is little evidence that the school ever officially adopted this mascot, students today readily accept it as part of our history.

The Pioneer was finally adopted as our mascot in 1986. The Pioneer was chosen because she embodies the spirit of Smith students, as well as our leadership in women’s athletics. As the first women’s college to join the NCAA, we truly are breaking the ground of a new frontier. The current logo is blue and white, but athletes may compete in the colors blue, white or yellow. Furthermore, club sports are able to choose any color and mascot to represent themselves. Much like the students at Smith College, the mascot is open to change and diversity. It is one reason I am proud to call myself a Pioneer.

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