Summer Plans: Why I Chose To Work At The Governor’s Office

Emily Kowalik ’18
Contributing Writer

For me, a summer break is indispensable. I need that long stretch of nights when I’m allowed deep sleep with no 6 a.m. alarm telling me I haven’t finished memorizing my French presentation yet. Without the sweet relief that is summer break, I and many others would be suffocated by the monotony of paper after paper, after midterm, after presentation, after paper, after final.

Of course, summer is not a long stretch of laziness for me – years ago, I entered that large group of Americans who have found out that employment is necessary to pay our bills.

My plan for this summer is to work as a governor’s intern, assigned to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. I’ll be working on a team specializing in improving adult education. Basically that means that I’ll be interning with people who help those who are unemployed or underemployed by providing financial support, job training or the means to finishing their education.

My main motivator for seeking this internship is not the offer of gainful employment this summer – my pay scale is 50 percent higher than my state’s minimum wage; however, I live in Indiana, so our minimum wage is the same as the federal minimum wage and always will be. The work environment promises to be a plus because this summer job takes place in an office building, as opposed to in the heat of the outdoors or the kitchen of a restaurant. Still, that’s not really the reason why I sought this internship.

I will admit that one reason why I sought this internship is because it’s close to home, meaning both that I don’t have to pay rent and that I get to spend time with my family, whom I’ve only gotten to see intermittently in the last eight months. The idea of having to leave this state five minutes after I finally decided it was safe to pack up my Colts sweatshirt and other various wintry gear is rather annoying. However, right now all I can think about is getting back to Indiana, despite the fact that the summers are hotter than hell and our general lack of any hills, lakes or anything or topographical interest (true Hoosier children don’t know what mountains look like) only serve to emphasize the corn and soybean fields that cover our state.

However, I like to think that the number one reason I sought this internship is because I place a premium on taking on a job that has the potential to help those people in my state who are in the most need of help. I truly appreciate those opportunities that have allowed me, at least to a small extent, to lend my efforts toward assisting people to further themselves in life by providing them with skills, education and other opportunities. That’s why I’ve volunteered for quite some time as an English as a Second Language tutor, why I spent so many years volunteering as a Girl Scout and now why I’ve decided to help the unemployed or underemployed people in my state find better opportunities in life.

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