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Photo Courtesy Of | College can be challenging, but with these quick tips, we guarantee you’ll be scoring A’s in no time.


Alice Mungyu ‘19
Features Editor

College can be hard. With no parental supervision and the challenge of preparing yourself for the real world, you can get lost in the midst of it all. Follow the strategies below to be a successful A++ student.

Multitask: Fifteen minutes on this subject, fifteen minutes on that one and so on. Jumping around and studying different subjects will keep you busy. Simultaneously, check your Facebook for the latest memes, as well as Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with people’s lives (you don’t want to miss a snap of your best friend’s vegan lunch.) Devoting your entire session to a single subject is a waste of time and can get boring.

Procrastinate until the last minute: Who needs time management? In order to successfully complete your work, start on the assignment two hours before the 11:59 p.m. deadline. Having a close deadline will make you work twice as hard and be more focused than ever before. If you’re feeling distracted, stop what you’re doing and decorate your study space with inspirational quotes or photos of people you aspire to be. This will definitely remind you of your goals and make you forget all about that deadline…

Start a new show on Netflix: Plan your schedule out with plenty of breaks. After all, you deserve it for reading two pages of the Orgo textbook. Reward yourself by starting a new TV show (since you’ve already finished the last one). Studies have shown that watching TV can help develop critical thinking and positively influence cognitive performance. Soon enough you’ll be on episode 13 after binge watching the whole night.

Memorize for the sake of passing: If you’re cramming for an exam, just review for it the night before. Don’t worry; you’ll remember it best because it’s freshly studied. It’s practical to cram information into your brain, even if you don’t understand it all. With a six-pack of Redbull, you can study for this exam all night long.

Eat and nap: To stay motivated, nothing beats having some sort of snack by your side. Remember, if you are well rested and fed, you are invincible. By the time you take all the advice above, you may be experiencing stress burnout. To combat that, eat a lot of chocolate cake and chips. Sugary drinks and junk food can significantly boost your performance as your blood sugar levels skyrocket. Researchers have also found that sleep is an important part of doing well and improving memory. Therefore, the brain assimilates information better if you take long naps in between classes.

It’s never too early or too late to develop good study habits. Take control of your life by incorporating these tips and thank me later. Happy studying!

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