Smithie On the Street: Fashion Column

Rosalie Smith ‘15 in her closet.

Rosalie Smith ‘15 in her closet.


Mia Council ’16
Features Editor

Rosalie Grey Lamb Smith ’15 is a studio art major and resident of Tenney House who is going to Glasgow next semester for art school. I had the pleasure of discussing her thoughts on fashion.

Mia Council: What are you wearing right now?

Rosalie Grey Lamb Smith: Black tights, a long-sleeved gingham cutoff dress that I got at the Goodwill and my black Docs. And my usual jewelry.

MC: What’s your usual jewelry?

RGLS: Two bracelets, one that my mother got me and one that I got in South Africa. And my necklace that my aunt got me. I guess fashion for me [laughs] – it’s a lot about carrying reminders and memories with me, which makes it very eclectic.

MC: How are you changing how you dress as it gets colder?

RGLS: Layering! My color palette in the winter tends to become more neutral. My favorite article of winter clothing is my maxi-parka, which is belted at the waist and has a furry hood.

MC: How would you describe your look?

RGLS: I guess my style is like a sexy witch, I would say. A witch trying to be sexy that turns out looking more like a llama.

MC: How much do you care about fashion?

RGLS: I don’t as much as I used to. I used to care a lot. If ten is Ashley Temple and one is wearing pajamas and animal hats to class, I’m a seven.

MC: What are your fashion inspirations, other than witches and llamas?

RGLS: I used to look at fashion magazines a lot when I was in high school, but I don’t anymore because I think they’re bad for body image. My mom was really fashionable in the 80s and still continues to be, so she’s really influential to my taste. I also like to dress as my favorite artworks sometimes and use their color palettes.

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