Smith Sartorial Funky Fall Fashion

Photos Courtesy of [Left] and [Right]

Photos Courtesy of [left] and [right]

fall-fashion-editHannah Elbaum ‘19
Copy Editor

Fall has arrived, Smithies! Although it’s been pretty warm, soon the leaves will begin to turn red, orange and gold, and the temperature will start to drop. It’s the weird in between phase where neither your summer wardrobe keeps you cool in the heat nor the thick, heavy winter clothes keep you bundled up in the cold. Here are a few fashion forward ideas for the season:


Maybe you owned pair of super cute, purple overalls back in elementary school that you loved dearly and were so sad when you outgrew them. Good news: overalls are back in style! They are super easy to pair with a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, depending on weather. You can go classic denim or have it in a funky color to spice up your outfits. Not to mention, the one-piece aspect means fewer decisions in the mornings before you have your caffeine jolt to start the day.

Jean jackets

This classic look has been reappearing on the fashion scene for the past few months, and now is the time, if ever, to run back in time to the ’90s and steal Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ denim looks. A jean jacket is a great staple piece to have because it goes with pretty much anything else you may have in your closet, even other denim pieces. Plus, it will come in handy to have another layer when it’s cool in the mornings and evenings.

Peter Pan collars

A cute twist on the classic collar, these rounded ones are a fashion trend that’s popping up everywhere. On their own, a Peter Pan collar gives a professional, yet youthful look to a dress or blouse. Have something short sleeved with a Peter Pan collar, but the weather is too cold for bare arms? You can always pop the collar over a sweater or long sleeve top to give that shirt a new look, preventing goosebumps from appearing!

Front-button skirts

These A-line skirts started to make an appearance last spring, but now that it’s fall, they are still in style. On a warm day, wear this skirt high-waisted with a tucked in top. On a cooler day, throw a sweater over it and add tights and boots to help keep your legs cozy in the breeze. You can also dress it up by adding some fancier accessories, or pair it with classic white sneakers for a more casual look. In either denim or colored corduroy, a front-button skirt will become a staple in your wardrobe.

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