Smith Rugby Remains Undefeated

Erin Richards ‘15
Sports Editor

Saturday afternoon the Smith Rugby team added yet another win to their undefeated record, when they played Westfield State. The Pioneers had cause to celebrate, as they finished the game with a score of 44–5. Although they started the season with fewer players than in the past, it has not affected their work ethic or positivity on the field. This weekend only seventeen players were able to compete, due to various injuries and availability, leaving only two substitutes for the two 25-minute halves. Three players were out with injuries, and although two should return for the next match, Meghan Carney ’15 will take longer to recover from a pinched ligament in her knee. These obstacles have forced the team to adapt to playing different positions and, overall, altered the team’s dynamic. Westfield’s team nearly doubled the Pioneers, but they were still no competition. Sammie Scovill ’15 attributes the team’s success to working hard in terms of fitness and having a positive attitude about improvement. Scovill said, “Winning feels wonderful, but we’re not going into our games over-confident.” After the exciting victory of the A-side, a less competitive B-side game was played, integrating the teams together to help Westfield’s rookies practice.

Looking towards the future, Smith Rugby faces several challenges. In two weeks, they will square off against the also-undefeated Coast Guard, which has been described as one of the toughest teams Smith competes. The game promises to be an interesting one for both spectators and players. Not long after, the celebrated Smith v. Mount Holyoke game will be held at Mount Holyoke, where the teams will play off for the Frechette Cup. The Pioneers hope not only to win, but also to outnumber Mount Holyoke in fan presence. The final tournament of the fall season will be the National Small College Rugby play-off, a change from previous seasons. It gives Smith Rugby a chance to play teams they do not normally face.

In the face of these obstacles, Scovill reflected, “I think that this is the most positive I’ve ever felt about the team. Everyone is very dedicated and we have a great group of rookies, who come out to all the games. Overall, I just feel really positive.”

The next game will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, at MIT.


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