Smith Football Beats Amherst

Hannah Elbaum ’19
Assistant Copy Editor

On March 26, Amherst College football suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Smith Pioneers’ football team, losing 49-7. This is Smith’s first win against Amherst and brings their record to an astounding eight wins and just one loss against UMass.

Founded last spring, the Pioneers football team has a daily training regimen that includes weightlifting, long-distance running, cardiovascular strengthening and hydro-based flexibility programs. The team boasts 23 members, including 5 first-years who were recruited specifically to play Division III football for Smith.

“I really love the football program here at Smith,” said Lynne Back ’19. “I chose Smith primarily because of the team.”

Because it’s such a new addition to the athletic program here, students on the team agree that it allows for them to be active in shaping new traditions, as well as deciding who they will compete against.

Kyck Starters ’16 said she was proud of the team bonding that has already taken place. “Although we just began last spring, we have already become extremely close-knit. We spend all of our time together in the gym and on the field getting ready. Our entire lives are focused on the game.”

A sophomore who asked to remain anonymous was not as supportive of the addition of a football team. “It doesn’t bother me that it’s traditionally a men’s sport,” they said, “but quite frankly, the football team members scare me more than the rugby team.”

An Amherst football player shared the sentiment. At the March 26 game, he was overheard telling a teammate how unhappy he was with the addition of Smith’s team. “I’m six feet tall, but they scare the s*** out of me,” he said.

The team’s intense training schedule has been paying off, as they are 8-1 and heading toward a local championship. Due to lack of competition, the team has already awarded themselves the Seven Sisters Football Championship trophy.

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