Smith Athlete of the Week: Bethany Claps ’16

Photo courtesy of | Bethany Claps

Photo courtesy of | Bethany Claps


Natalia Kreciglowa ’18
Assistant Sports Editor

What’s your name, year, major and house?

I am Bethany Claps, class of 2016, engineering science major, King House.

How did you get involved in lacrosse, and when did you get started?

I started sophomore year in high school, but I had no intentions of playing at Smith. The coach approached me at the gym while I was on the elliptical, because I was wearing a lacrosse shirt. She asked me if I played. I said yes, and she said she would e-mail me, because the team was really small and they needed more members. So I started playing at Smith my sophomore year.

What’s your favorite thing about lacrosse?

One thing I really love is how much everybody loves each other and how much comradery there is on our team. It’s a lot of mutual respect and trust. We really come together during hard times on and off the field.

What is your motto?

My life motto is “work hard, play hard.”

Who is your role model and why?

Who is my role model? That is so hard! Maybe who I follow on Instagram, that might be my role model. I’ll text my mom.

It’s Walt Disney. It’s because of all of his success in cartoons and the Disney parks. He is [the] kind of person who I strive to be. He made his dreams a reality and worked really hard, with the help of so many people, of course, but it was his vision.

Who is your favorite athlete?

My favorite athlete is Ray Silveria on the team because they always work so hard. They bring out the best in everybody and motivate us to work hard.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

My pre-game rituals definitely involve a lot of good pump-up music and getting myself into a head space where I get motivated and forget about school for a while.

What is your dream job?

I want to be a Disney Imagineer.

Any final comments?

Come to a game when we play in the spring! You can catch us playing in the fields at really weird times, usually at night!

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