Six Tech Hacks for the Study-Savvy Smithie

Grace Oliver ’18
Contributing Writer

1. StudentRate: This platform is similar to Amazon except it is completely student-oriented. With a student ID you’ll find discounts on items such as textbooks, travel packages, cell phone plans, clothing and cosmetics. Some popular brands featured include Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Verizon. They also have extensive information on loans, scholarships and credit card programs and often offer giveaways for products like iPads and designer apparel exclusive to StudentRate members.

2. KeepMeOut: This web tool helps students stay on task. KeepMeOut allows one to block access to the various websites that are tempting but often inhibit productivity. Students can limit time spent on distracting sites and access them again once the allotted work time has expired.

3. Mariana Timer: Another platform that can help to those who struggle with time management is Mariana Timer, an online timer that gets its job done by allowing the user to customize it according to their needs. With this website, which also has an app form, users are able to easily assign themselves tasks, set the clock, and accomplish their assignments in a timely fashion. By setting one of three standard timers to choose from — Pomodoro, Custom and Kitchen — users can effectively boost productivity and achieve work-related goals quickly.

4. Study Stack: Similar to popular sites like Quizlet and Flashcard Machine, Study Stack allows students to create a flashcard system that may be used in a variety of ways. Not only can you study using the traditional flashcard method, but you can also create fun games and activities in order to alleviate monotony and mix up your study techniques.

5. Pocket: Pocket works in conjunction with students’ email services. Instead of simply bookmarking content to read or watch later, Pocket creates a dedicated space for all of those transient links and separates them from permanent bookmarks. Since Pocket has a feature that allows users mark links as read, your bookmark folder is kept neat.

6. Post Your Book: Comparable to popular textbook exchange sites such as Chegg and SlugBooks, Post Your Book is a free social networking website where college students can buy and sell textbooks at discounted prices.

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