Quidditch Competes Against URI

Christina Murray ’16
Contributing Writer

Smith Quidditch played the University of Rhode Island away this Sunday, in their first game of the season.  Three games were held, with twenty-minute breaks between each.  Although the team started off seeming a little rusty, by the last two games Smith was a tough competitor, even tying the second game 70-70 to force the teams into overtime.

Smith was met with enthusiasm at the end of all three games by URI, who seemed surprised at the competitive edge Smith had shown in each match.  URI was especially impressed after going against Emma Carroll, the Smith Snitch runner (the person dressed in all yellow who the Seekers chase after, replacing the magical golden ball in the book series).  She was quoted as being “the fastest person I’ve ever run after” by a URI Seeker, who managed to catch the “Snitch” to win the second game for URI in overtime.

The last game had a final score of 80-40 with URI as the victors. However, Smith stayed ahead for nearly the entire game, scoring twice within the first few minutes. Overall, this was a great start for Smith Quidditch, who look forward to their next game against the India Point Ashwinders, a team made up of players and alumni from Brown University, which will be held in two weeks on Oct. 20 at Brown.

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