Preview of the Ada Monologues

Tyra Wu ’19
Features Editor

Have you ever wondered what stories Ada Comstock scholars have to tell? You can now find out at the fifth annual Ada Monologues performances on April 15 and 16 in Graham Hall. The Ada Monologues allow Ada Comstock scholars to share their past experiences with the Smith community. The show includes a variety of performances including personal monologues, humorous pieces and songs.

“Adas are a vibrant and valuable part of the Smith community and the Monologues are a forum for us to tell our own stories in a way that doesn’t often happen during the day to day bustle of being students,” Ada Comstock scholar Maria Wood ’17 said. “Every single Ada has lived through and done incredible things before getting here, and you will hear stories at the Monologues that you won’t hear at any other time.”

Each performer writes a piece, either specifically for the Monologues or adapted from a class assignment. Over the course of the spring semester the performers meet to practice reading their pieces. In the week of the shows, the group has a dress rehearsal to work out technical details. However, “you could say that each performer prepares for the show through a lifetime of experiences that leads to Smith and to the Ada program,” Wood said.

Traci Williams a first-year Ada Comstock scholar, will be participating in the Ada Monologues performances. Although she was hesitant at first, Williams decided to share her story.

“First, I was eager to do a monologue,” Williams said. “Then, I stepped away from the idea because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my story, if I wanted to be so intimate with strangers or even with my new Smith friends. After wrestling with my own vulnerability, not wanting to disappoint my fellow Adas, and not knowing if this opportunity would come again, I decided to yank the bandage away and just do it, without hesitation and without reservation.”

Overall, the Ada Monologues give Smithies a valuable look into the experiences of Ada Comstock scholars and serve to remind the community of the importance of the Ada Comstock program.

“The Ada Monologues are important because it’s one of the few times of the year, maybe the only time, the Smith spotlight is focused solely on Ada Scholars,” Williams said. “It allows the audience to see how very precious, valuable and unique Ada Comstock Scholars are as people and how integral the Ada Comstock Program is to Smith College and the Smith community as a whole.  The Ada Monologues gives an entirely different perspective on ‘Women of the World.’

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