Origami, Tapestries and Twine, Oh My!

Photo by Natalia Perkins '19 | Origami mobiles add character to otherwise bare windows.

Photo by Natalia Perkins ’19 | Origami mobiles add character to otherwise bare windows.


Natalia Perkins ’19
Contributing Writer

Even if you’ve missed all the Smith To Do events or have never crafted, it’s very easy to decorate your room. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Origami mobile: For this craft, all you need is twine or string, a hole punch, origami paper and the Internet. Search online for what origami you’d like to make. Cranes are popular, but you can make anything. Once you’ve made the origami, punch a hole about half an inch from the edge. Next, tie the twine on the origami and cut it however long you like. You could make the strings different lengths to create a staggered effect, or you could cut each string the same length. Then, hang them up! A window curtain rod is a great place to display them.

Tapestries: Buying a tapestry is the easiest way to decorate a large wall. Faces and other stores in NoHo sell them, and you can also find good deals online. The best way to hang a tapestry is to use hooks and shower ring clips. These clips have a quarter-sized ring attached and can be found in department and craft stores. First, place the clips equidistant along the top of the tapestry, about 8-12 inches apart. The more clips you use, the more secure your tapestry will be. Next, hang up the hooks to match with the placement of the clips. It doesn’t have to be exact since you can scoot the clips over if necessary. Once the hooks are securely fastened to the wall, hook the rings onto them to hang your tapestry. Make sure you don’t let go of the tapestry even after you’ve hung a few rings, because the weight on the hooks could make it fall. That’s all! Your room will been transformed.

Hanging pictures on twine: All you need is a ball of twine, scissors, hooks, clothespins and some pictures. First, place two hooks on the wall as far apart as you’d like your line of pictures to be. Next, cut a line of twine about six to eight inches longer than the distance between the hooks. Tie the twine around the hooks on each side, and clip your pictures with clothespins onto the twine. Ta-da! You now have a  picture display that can you can rearrange.


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