Opening of Paradise Road Apartments Delayed For One Year

Maryellen Stohlman-Vanderveen’19

Assistant Copy Editor

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the opening of the Paradise Road Apartments has been delayed an additional year.

“I’m outraged,” one senior said. “This was my last chance to actually live somewhere nice on this campus, and now it’s ruined.”

The Paradise Road Apartments are to consist of five buildings designed to accommodate up to 80 students. The apartments were originally scheduled to open for the 2016-2017 academic year; however, a termite infestation has caused significant delays in the construction.

“I honestly do not know how it even ever got to this point,” one construction worker said. “By the time we noticed the little buggers, the support columns and roof beams were giving out!”

In fact, the Paradise Road Apartments were actually an accident waiting to happen. Little did the building company know, but the wood they purchased in order to construct the apartments was infested with termites before it even reached Massachusetts. This is known because a sample of the species of the termite found in the apartments was sent to the Smith Insect Catalogue Center, where it was identified as a Formosan Termite. Incredibly destructive, this species is native mostly to the southern states and California. It is rare that it is seen in Massachusetts, indicating that the species was most likely brought in via the wood.

These “little buggers” had been determinedly chewing away at the foundational structures of the apartments since the beginning of the buildings’ construction last summer.

“I really don’t know how we missed them. They’re really just everywhere,” confessed the building operations supervisor with some amazement in his voice. “I do feel bad for the kids though – I know they were looking forward to these fancy new apartments and all. After they’re rebuilt, though, they’ll be good as new!”

Unfortunately, the delayed opening means that the college is now short on housing for about 80 students, mostly seniors. When questioned, a school official who asked to remain anonymous confirmed that the college does not yet have a plan for housing these students.

“The most viable option right now seems to be converting the rooms in the Friedman apartments to doubles,” they said. “It will be tight, but the students will have to make it work.”

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