On Europe and security: Why Trump’s response is wrong

Anna Casasco ’19
Contributing Writer

After the heart-wrenching Brussels attack on March 22, many people have started to speculate more and more on security against terrorist attacks led by ISIS. One person who seems to have a lot to say on this matter but is the last person whom anyone wants to hear from on any matter, especially on foreign affairs during such a sensitive time: Donald Trump.

Trump released a statement blaming Brussels for the attack, telling the country that it’s their fault that they were attacked — all because of Europe’s new open border policy. In Trump’s mind it just seems like everyone except China is losing at this point.

He reminisced about how beautiful and safe Brussels used to be, but in fact the country is still beautiful and safe, with Europe’s diversity, unity and openness. These components are what make Brussels and Europe beautiful and safe. The refugee crisis and terror attacks are only invoking more fear than is already shouldered onto the European people, making their European dream stray farther and farther away from reality.

Sadly, some people in Europe concur with his thoughts of putting up a wall as a measure of safety for a country. The UK Independence Party said that the “horrific act of terrorism shows that Schengen free movement and lax border controls are a threat to our security.”

I don’t think that Europe is losing or failing due to border security and obviously, building a wall is a radical and illogical idea that just won’t work — here or in Europe.

What Europe needs is an honest and fair debate about European integration, immigration and border security, so this widespread fear doesn’t trigger a chain of events that can create political and cultural consequences for Europe in the future. What we need is collaboration between the European Union members.

What we need is less military involvement in the Middle East, both from the United States and Europe. We would not face any economic consequence like what we would have suffered from in the past if we left the Middle East now.

What we need to do is join together to create peaceful solutions for everyone in Europe to stay safe, including the thousands of immigrants coming into Europe from the Middle East to escape harsh and violent conditions.

Europe needs all the help it can get to solve its challenges, but it is important to recognize that Brussels, as well as Europe in its entirety, is still beautiful with its diversity, unity and the ideals it was built on.

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