Oh My! More Than Just a Sensuality Shop

Photo by Michelle S. Lee '16

Photo by Michelle S. Lee ’16


Sarah Liggera ’17
Contributing Writer

Nearly every Smithie on campus knows about the existence of a little shop called Oh My! Nestled between buildings on Main Street, Oh My! is a sensuality shop that carries “high-quality, sex-positive, feminist, pleasure-centered sex toys, gear, books and other media.” However, despite what some may assume, Oh My! does not receive rave reviews simply for its world-class sex toys and gear, but also for the atmosphere and the attitude it promotes.

Sex is not something to be ashamed of, but rather, it can be fun and beautiful, a way of connecting and being connected to others. While it is not for everyone, there is certainly no shame in enjoying it, experimenting with it and finding ways to amplify its experience. Oh My!, run by women and operated for everyone, fully embraces this attitude. A sign on the door mandates “No Ewwwwws!” (They uphold this policy.)

The staff of Oh My! are genial and comfortable with what they do. I have yet to meet a person who is not charmed by the unique atmosphere of the store and those who work there. At Oh My!, I have never felt embarrassed or uneasy. Everyone is accepted, and everyone is having fun. And is it not this sense of security that a sensuality shop is supposed to nurture?

What’s more, Oh My! fosters its safe and positive attitude not only through its general ambience but also through its promotion of events within the community. Oh My! regularly invites and promotes the work of positive-sex advocates and sex educators. Co-owner Carol Gesell has also expressed Oh My’s interests in beginning to hold “KinK” workshops and hold erotic film showings.

Oh My! also acts as one of the venues for Arts Night Out. Described as “an event hosted by Northampton art spaces to promote creative works and community,” Arts Night Out “helps further highlight the diversity and unique character of the Northampton area” and “offer the opportunity to enjoy a Friday night in town while experiencing diverse visual and performing arts.” As co-owner Carol Gesell more candidly expressed, Oh My!’s gallery showing on Arts Night Out “offers artists whose work might be too naughty to be shown elsewhere in town” a chance to show off and promote their artwork.

Arts Night Out is guaranteed to be fun and, equally notably, free. Although its content promises to be enjoyable in itself, it is also valuable for what it promotes. Not only does it showcase work that encourages a healthy, positive view of sex, it also takes care to promote the work of local, promising artists. So if you are interested in spending an interesting and entertaining night in town, stop by Oh My! on Friday, Oct. 11. Enjoy the art, the store, and the people, and support our community!

Arts Night Out takes place on the second Friday of every month at a variety of venues. This month, Arts Night Out will be held on Oct. 11 at Oh My! Sensuality Shop on 122 Main Street.

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