NoHo Nibbles: Woodstar Café

Photo by Lena Wilson '16 | Woodstar provides a cozy atmosphere to study or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Photo by Lena Wilson ’16 | Woodstar provides a cozy atmosphere to study or enjoy a cup of coffee.


Janan Fugel ’19
Staff Writer

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of five)

Price: $$ (out of three)

I trekked down to downtown Northampton one afternoon this week to have lunch at Woodstar Café. I went with a few friends, so I was able to try a variety of menu items. The menu isn’t very long but boasts many unique combinations.

I ordered the Brookline, a pressed sandwich packed with pastrami and tasty sauerkraut.  One of my friends got a different pressed sandwich called the Shelburne, a turkey sandwich with beets and other ingredients. I am not a fan of beets, but these were complemented well by the wonderful sourdough bread and other fixings. Another friend ordered a regular, non-warmed sandwich. This one, named the Nantucket, was piled high with turkey, cranberry sauce, and a special ingredient: apples. This sweet twist made the sandwich even tastier. My other friend got a bagel sandwich with more than just a smear of cream cheese and fresh tomatoes. None of us tried the coffee this time, but I have in the past, and it is strong. This time around, we gave their Italian sodas a try instead. Of their five flavors, we tried two: pomegranate and vanilla, both of which were refreshing without being too sweet. We ended the lunch with dessert, of course. I sampled the lemon bar, which was spectacularly sour and creamy with a thin layer of a graham-cracker crust. My friend ordered the apricot and bourbon macaron, which was light and fruity.

The atmosphere of Woodstar is cool and hip. There are several rooms in which you can sit at a small table and study or just enjoy your treats. The space is a bit cramped, though, especially when people line up at the counter, which has been the case every time I have been there.

A friendly staff member behind the counter informed me that the owners of Woodstar have their own farm, so everything on the menu is made with homegrown, local, organic and non-GMO ingredient. There are also options for vegetarian and gluten-free Smithies.

Homegrown, local food like Woodstar comes with a price, but one I am certainly willing to pay.

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