NoHo Nibbles: Paul and Elizabeth’s

Tyra Wu ’19
Assistant Features Editor

For Smith students in search of a meal that is both healthy and flavorful, Paul and Elizabeth’s, a vegetarian and seafood restaurant located in Thornes Marketplace, may be the restaurant for them. Founded in 1978 by Paul and Elizabeth Sustick, the restaurant has become a local favorite for natural, healthy meals.

Paul and Elizabeth’s was originally founded when Brinkley Thorne, the founder of Thornes Marketplace approached the Susticks, and asked them to start a natural food restaurant in his new mall. According to their website, at the time the restaurant opened, they were one of only three restaurants in downtown Northampton. In the last decade, their son Nate Sustick has carried on the family business as head chef.

The restaurant’s menu features both lunch and dinner options. In addition to dishes like pan-fried sole and broccoli sauté, their menu contains several Japanese-inspired dishes such as tempura. The meals are not only healthy and tasty, but also come in large portions and are reasonably priced, perfect for a college student’s budget. Most lunch dishes are around $10. Dinner options, however, can be pricier. Depending on the dish, they range from $10 to $19. On Sundays, they serve brunch featuring omelets, challah French toast and breakfast burritos.

True to its description, Paul and Elizabeth’s is the perfect spot for vegetarians. There is an entire section of the menu devoted to vegetarian meals. Furthermore, in 2015, the restaurant was named the best vegetarian restaurant by The Valley Advocate.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is intimate and cozy. There are quilts and tapestries as well as 19th century photographs on the walls. The windows feature stained glass that further adds to the pleasant atmosphere.

Overall, Paul and Elizabeth’s offers the perfect restaurant for students looking to find a healthy, tasty meal for a reasonable price.

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