NoHo Nibbles: LimeRed Teahouse

Photo by Anya Gruber '16 | LimeRed offers a wide variety of bubble tea flavors with different toppings and add-ins.

Photo by Anya Gruber ’16 | LimeRed offers a wide variety of bubble tea flavors with different toppings and add-ins.


Janan Fugel ’19
Staff Writer

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of five)

Price: $$ (out of three)

LimeRed is one of my favorite places to go in downtown NoHo. The space is pretty small, but the atmosphere is very fun. Bubble tea in and of itself is fun. There are sweet and fruity flavors with a surprise in every sip. Whether you choose the classic tapioca boba, lychee jelly or a popping boba (all of which LimeRed has to offer, plus much more), you are always going to slurp bits of yumminess until your cup is empty.

The LimeRed menu is extensive, with lengthy lists of options for bubble and milk teas, loose-leaf teas and Bliss Smoothies, as well as toppings. You can even adjust the level of sweetness if you find their drinks too sweet.  The combinations are endless!

LimeRed offers vegan and gluten-free options for any Smithies who require them. They also have a policy that allows anyone who tries any drink on the menu for the first time to bring it back if they don’t like it and have it remade for free.

When I go to LimeRed, I order off of the bubble tea menu. I have been slowly going down the list of bubble teas, and so far I have tried peach, passion fruit, grapefruit, lychee and my personal favorite: mango. Though I’m usually not a fan of  milk bubble teas, the ones I have tasted at LimeRed are just as good as all of their other bubble teas.

I always get a lychee jelly topping in all of my bubble teas. This adds a yummy fruity flavor to any of the bubble teas.

Another option, if you are looking for something slightly more substantial but equally as yummy, their Bliss Smoothies are a good option. These smoothie flavors are very similar to the bubble and milk tea but are blended with ice, milk or soymilk — you can even add vanilla ice cream into the mix.

As far as nibbles go at LimeRed, there aren’t many. Right now, they have several different flavors of macaroons, including honey lavender, Nutella and rose lychee. Within the next few months, they will be adding some “sweet treats” and other snack items.

The serving staff at LimeRed is all very friendly and knows the extensive menu pretty well. They are always willing to give you suggestions for flavor combos or suggest their favorites. The pricing at LimeRed is a bit on the expensive side for drinks.

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