NoHo Nibbles: Fitzwilly’s Restaurant & Bar

Hira Humayun ’17
Features Editor

Since 1974, Fitzwilly’s has been a family restaurant and bar dedicated to quality service and comfort food prepared to perfection. Located on 23 Main Street, Fitzwilly’s has a vast menu with a range of pastas, salads, sandwiches, burgers, soups and appetizers.
Their wide array of famous “roadside sliders” includes the lobster salad slider filled with mayonnaise, celery and shredded lobster. Appetizers include nachos covered in melted Monterey Jack cheese, Thai lettuce wraps with chicken and fresh vegetables and margherita flatbread – a good vegetarian option and one of my personal favorites. The crispy bread covered in fresh mozzarella and pesto made a perfect appetizer and really showcased Fitzwillys’ talent.
Smokehouse combo platters are perfect for sharing with friends because they come in various sizes – namely, “enough for a whole army” and “enough for a small army.” Chef Willy’s Smokehouse includes a collection of barbequed dishes and steaks – the grilled chicken is one of my favorites and is also a good option for those more inclined toward healthier options.
The menu also includes an array of elaborate salads, including the apple walnut salad, infused with Granny Smith apples, candied walnuts and cranberries, as well as the mango salad with diced mango pieces and parmesan cheese. As part of the build-your-own-salad option, you can also choose to include your choice of grilled chicken, lobster, salmon, shrimp or steak pieces.
Perhaps best known for their soups and stew, Fitzwillys’ Championship Chili is a must-have. Made with thick pieces of steak, chili peppers, tomatoes and kidney beans, it is topped with cheese and sour cream. Have it in a bread bowl, and you’ve got an amazing meal that is both filling and an experience without which your time in NoHo would be incomplete.
Fitzwilly’s burritos and Great Big Burgers – exactly what the name suggests – are also a novelty menu item. There’s the classic cheeseburger – but upsized – as well as some more elaborate and Fitzwilly’s specific burgers like the Spicy Bleu and Bacon Burger.
My most recent meal at Fitzwilly’s was the Crispy Haddock sandwich – smaller than the Great Big Burger but larger and more filling than your average fish fillet. It comes with an option of potato salad, thick soft fries or sweet potato fries cooked to perfection.
A great place for families or groups of friends, Fitzwilly’s is an ideal balance between the lively bustling atmosphere of a bar and the laidback feel of a restaurant. There’s something for everyone – from a light bite, to a large entrée, to rich desserts and gourmet coffee.


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