New Radio Shows Add Variety to WOZQ

Veronica Brown ’17
Contributing Writer


Show: “No Stairway”

DJ: Lavender Hill (Lily Armstrong ’17)


Lily Armstrong is sick of hearing the same five songs on classic rock radio stations. Determined to share her love of vintage music (her preferred term, dismissing “classic rock” as “too exclusive”), Armstrong created the upcoming WOZQ show “No Stairway.”

On her Saturday night show, broadcasting from 6 to 8 p.m., she plans to play “early blues through Motown, rock and roll spanning the ’50s to ’80s, British Invasion pop, psychedelic rock, glam rock, prog rock, proto-punk, punk, and new wave.” As the show’s name implies, “Stairway to Heaven” is strictly forbidden. She promises not to focus on the songs and artists everyone has heard.

Instead she will  showcase deep album cuts, demos, bootlegs, live recordings and other lesser-known material. “Often, the music of the 20th century is oversimplified … only the biggest and most successful acts of a given era are featured,” Armstrong said of the inspiration behind her show, “My real aim … is to bring some of that lesser-known music to the forefront.”

Although she is new to radio, she has been sharing her passion for music online for some time, writing about vintage music on both her personal blog* and occasionally on the Huffington Post’s teen blog.


Show: “Summer Beatz”

DJs: Captain Crunk (Andy Doyle ’17) and DJ Lil’ Skipper (Leah Henry ’17)


Andy Doyle and Leah Henry want to keep summer fun going all year round with their upcoming WOZQ show, “Summer Beatz.” Inspired by their love of summer and the music that defines it, these King House first-years plan to play songs released in summer and “any songs that have that carefree and fun summer vibe.” “Summer Beatz” will feature summer anthems from various decades and genres. The duo have adopted the DJ personalities “Captain Crunk” and “DJ Lil’ Skipper” in keeping with the nautical theme of their show. Henry, who comes to Smith from California, said she and Doyle hope that “as the weather gets colder … our summer-focused radio show will bring people back to warmer days.” They also plan to intersperse the summer jams with some nautical humor to help bring the beach to Northampton. “Summer Beatz” will be a ray of sunshine to start off the school week, broadcasting bright and early every Monday from 6 to 8 a.m.




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