Misty Boyce, Back in Action

Becca Damante ’17

Contributing Writer

“Folk-pop singer-songwriter girl” Misty Boyce will perform at Jittery’s Live! this Thursday, March 27, and you won’t want to miss it. Boyce has been on the road singing and playing keys behind Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, but is now preparing to release her newest album. Listeners will get a preview of her new folk-pop album, which is full of haunting melodies, poignant lyrics, and a little bit of 80s pop.

Boyce always knew that she wanted to pursue music as a career. She shared, “Ever since I can remember, I wanted to do something in the arts, whether it was dancing or acting or singing. I pretty much knew from age nine that I wanted to sing and write songs, so I started kind of pursuing that route in one way or another.” She majored in Jazz Studies at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, but found that songwriting was her real passion. After she graduated, she moved to New York City and booked a gig with the indie folk singer-songwriter Tim Williams shortly after. One thing lead to the next, and in 2008, she landed a job playing keys and singing behind Nat and Alex of the Naked Brothers Band.  She performed with them on tour, but still devoted time to writing, recording, and performing her own music in New York City.

After her stint with the Naked Brothers Band, Boyce took some time off and got a job working in a restaurant. However, she never let go of her music dreams. She re-entered the music scene when she joined Ingrid Michaelson and her friends Bess Rogers and Chris Kuffner at Ingrid’s annual Holiday Hop. This marked a turning point in Boyce’s career, as she realized, “[music] is what I’ve got to do.”

Fast-forward to 2013, which was one of the most fulfilling years of Boyce’s career. Boyce landed a job playing keys and singing behind Sara Bareilles on her Blessed Unrest tour. Boyce’s proudest moment of her career was when Bareilles and her band played a sold-out show at Radio City in October. Boyce finished off the year with a special performance with her high school orchestra in New Mexico. The orchestra performed several of her songs that evening as well as a stunning version of “The Chain” by Ingrid Michaelson. Boyce explained, “[The night was] really moving and special because…I got to come back to my hometown and share a little bit of who I’d become since being there,” adding, “ I think that was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”

2014 is sure to be just as dynamic a year as the last, if not more. The year already started out with a bang when Boyce had the chance to perform at the People’s Choice Awards with Bareilles. Boyce exclaimed, “That [night] was unreal. It was pretty crazy to look out and see Adam Sandler in the audience.” But what’s even more exciting is Boyce’s latest album, due for release this spring. The album is a mix of dark, folk pop and 80s ballad pop with a few upbeat songs. Boyce recorded the album south of London in a secluded town on the beach, which inspired the album in a profound way: “It was really nice to walk out onto the beach and just think of melodies and words…Just looking at that, I feel like the tone [of this album] is very influenced by that scenery.

Boyce heads off on a spring tour to promote the album with a stop at Smith College on March 27, and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Boyce’s infectious personality and evocative music will certainly entertain. But Misty is more than just her music; her story demonstrates that even though pursuing music is “not easy…at times,” those who keep at it might find success in unexpected places.

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