LuxDeluxe gets the crowd moving at Jittery’s

Laura Green ’18
Arts Editor

The last Jittery’s of the year was certainly an eventful night, with local band LuxDeluxe treating the audience to an entertaining show in the TV Lounge of the Campus Center. As soon as the band went on stage, Gabe Bernini, keyboardist of the band, announced, “This isn’t working. Let’s all move these chairs and have a dance party.”

I could tell they meant business based on Bernini’s tone; the band had a very serious commitment to fun. So I put away my carefully laid out notebook and pen and began to move my chair.

As the band and students stacked plastic chairs and pushed aside tables, it became clear that this was just step one of Mission: Dance Party. “Step Two, can we dim these lights, anyone?” said Bernini. Steps Three and Four, filling in the empty space and dancing to the music, were quickly completed by students and the dance party was officially in full swing.

Together, Bernini, guitarist Caleb Rosazza, bassist Jacob Rosazza and drummer Jake Edwards create music that is both casual and technical, effortlessly accompanied by lead singer Ned King’s impressive vocal range. King’s voice has a low, almost drawling quality, reminiscent of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. He has an assured confidence that is evident in the way he dances and jumps around. The band has such energy that it makes the audience want to dance and tap their toes with them. Their normcore Mac Demarco-esque outfits and their earnest love of performing is endearing.

Before their first song was even over, LuxDeluxe had the crowd bouncing along to the catchy beat. Not even I, a person who has neither rhythm nor grace, could resist dancing to their indie rock music. Even when Bernini decided that the crowd should run in a circle for a full song, I joined in. The members of LuxDeluxe are persuasive when it comes to getting people to participate in the fun.

The band made a bold promise in the middle of their set. We were told they have never not known a song that has been requested. They came through on this promise to varying degrees of success, performing the diverse requests of Fetty Wap’s “Again,” Radiohead’s “Videotape,” The Black Keys’s “Lonely Boy” and Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” I felt like we were all part of a big jam session with the band. At one point, they even asked any singers or musicians in the audience to perform with them, generously letting people play around on their instruments.

LuxDeluxe was formed in 2009, but the last few years have been an exciting time for the band. Showing their political side, LuxDeluxe recently opened for Bernie Sanders at his University of Massachusetts Amherst rally on Feb. 22. In May 2015, they released their first full-length album “It’s a Girl” to critical success.

LuxDeluxe is set to release their newest album “Let’s Do Lunch” in the next few months. True to their Pioneer Valley beginnings, they are set to play a show at the Iron Horse on April 23. Tickets are $10 each.

They gave the crowd a special treat by playing two songs off the newest album, which were called “I love you, I love you” and “Keep your distance.” Just like their previous album, their songs catchily describe relationships and love. They’re the kind of band who uses the word “baby” a lot in their lyrics, which adds to their classic rock feeling.

The very next day, I bought LuxDeluxe’s album online. Even when listening to their music through headphones, the energy and passion of LuxDeluxe obvious.

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