Letter to the Editor

On Saturday, April 13 I returned to campus for a symposium and eagerly went to the Grecourt Bookshop to purchase Smith swag. I was shocked and extremely disappointed to see T-shirts with the slogan “Smith College – where no man has gone before” prominently displayed near the cash registers. Like countless other alumnae/i, I am dismayed at the administration’s recent responses, or lack thereof,  to the question of admitting transwomen. However, the fact that transmen and gender-non-conforming folks attend Smith is not up for debate. Smith is indeed a place where “men have gone before” – to sell these shirts and other items with similar slogans is exclusionary, demeaning, and incorrect. It wouldn’t even suffice to say “where no cismen have gone before,” since Smith’s School for Social Work is co-ed. While we continue to debate the legalities and ethical obligations of the College regarding transwomen, Smith College and in particular the Grecourt Bookshop should stop demeaning and rendering trans Smithies, both current and alumni, invisible. I urge the bookshop to discontinue these items.

Isabel Cristina Porras ’06

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