Letter from the Editors

In light of recent events that have taken place on and off campus, the Editorial Board of The Sophian would like to acknowledge the importance of student discussion regarding institutional racism, as well as our newspaper’s dual role as a student organization and a media outlet.

Concerns over misrepresentation of people of color in the media are not unsubstantiated. The Sophian is now more acutely aware of the potential for the media to silence and/or misconstrue the perspectives of people of color. Such misrepresentation has compromised the integrity of journalism. By consequence, it has also created understandable distrust in the media coverage of events, which inspired the decision of last week’s sit-in organizers to ask members of the media to be in solidarity with the movement.

The Sophian is aware that it also holds a stake in the representation of student life at Smith, and moving forward we will be taking the steps necessary to promote inclusivity of voices of people of color, in staff representation, article content and word choice.

The Sophian is aware that people of color, as well as other marginalized groups, are underrepresented on the staff of most newspapers and media outlets, including our own. We want not only to actively include more people of color on the Editorial Board and staff but also to make The Sophian an inclusive space for all students on campus. We invite input in the form of articles and editorials and especially welcome feedback and suggestions from traditionally underrepresented voices about ways to improve this space, both in coverage and in structure.

As both a campus publication and a student organization, we have a responsibility to the student body as a forum of expression. Recent events have made clear the need for active measures for inclusivity on campus, and we hope to move forward to create such a space as a student-led media outlet.

The Sophian Editorial Board

The Letter from the Editors represents the opin­ions of at least two-thirds of our Editorial Board.

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