J-Term Opportunities

Elizabeth Amador ’16
Contributing Writer

J-term is a time for Smithies to come back to campus and experience it in a way that’s different from the usual semester experience. Not only is it a little quieter, with less of an academic load on our shoulders, but many of the J-term classes are unique, interesting and not available during the semester. They can help you catch up on credits, develop useful skills or discover new passions and interests!

For those looking to improve their writing, studying or public speaking skills, check out some of the interterm workshops hosted by the Jacobson Center, including Kick Start Your Fiction taught by Peter Sapira, and Make Your Case: Become A Stronger Public Speaker, taught by Debra Carney.

The Smith Outdoor Adventure Program will be offering a jam-packed three-day, two-night stay in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This trip will take place on Jan. 19-21 and will include snowshoeing, backpacking, mountaineering and snow extravaganza. Participants should be in physical condition for hiking and potentially harsh winter conditions. This trip is open to beginners and covers food, lodging and equipment at $75.

Other outdoor adventure classes include Learning to Lead (rock climbing), Animal Tracking, Alpine Skiing and Alpine Wilderness First Aid.

Those interested in expanding their business and innovation skills should check out the Women and Financial Independence (WFI) classes. Get registered quickly and show up for the first day of class, as you don’t want to miss out.

Enrollment for IDP 155 Entrepreneurship Introduction to Innovation and IDP 156 Entrepreneurship in Practice classes, also taught by the WFI, are still open as well.

Smithies can also try taking interterm classes at Mount Holyoke. Cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa as you learn about the constellations and the legends and lore of the night sky in The Sky for a Winter Night class will be held in the evenings on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from Jan. 4 to 15.

Learn to engage audiences and tell your personal stories in Story Slam and Storytelling Workshops on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from Jan. 5-14.


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