Ideas To Brighten Up Your Yoom

Photo by Katie Heald '18| Flowers in colors that match the theme of your room can help brighten up a dull dorm.

Photo by Katie Heald ’18| Flowers in colors that match the theme of your room can help brighten up a dull dorm.

Alice Mungyu ’19
Features Editor

College dorms can feel a bit plain and dull without any room decor. Personalize and accentuate your room with wall art, decorative pillows and lights to express yourself without breaking the bank. From cheap products to DIYs, you can find plenty of modern home accessories to make yourself comfortable and create a stylish and organized space.

Tip #1 Target, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby are all great places to get started. There are plenty of weekly specials and savings you can find online or in-store. Get a few silk flowers that match the theme of your room and put them in a vase. If you want to hang flowers, cut the stems off the silk flowers and glue them to a blank canvas to make a flower wall. If you want to add greenery to your room, create plant terrariums to begin an indoor garden that can fit on a desk or a tabletop. Grab a few succulents and play around with the arrangement, mixing up the types of plants, colors and sizes. This will liven up the space and give it bit of color.

Tip #2 Sometimes bare walls can make you feel a bit uninspired. Make a statement with wall decor or a tapestry. A blank wall is the perfect canvas for creative decor ideas such as your own artwork or motivational quotes you can wake up to. You don’t have to go to West Elm or Pottery Barn to get them. Pinterest and are some great sites where you can download hundreds of printed quotes or pictures for free.

Tip #3 Headboards are extremely pricey, ranging from $60-$300. Give your bare walls a makeover with a DIY headboard that is cute and affordable. Just hang some peelable hooks above your bed on the wall, spaced evenly apart. Then add some mini Christmas lights by draping them around the hooks. Next hang a sheer white curtain over the lights and arrange to your liking. Turn it on to enjoy the twinkling lights.

Tip #4 Add decorative pillows or throw blankets to give your bed some texture and warmth. Winter is coming and if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend every waking second cuddling in bed with your blanket and pillows. A fun way to make a throw pillow is by recycling your old sweaters. If you have a collection of sweaters that you’ve either outgrown or grown to hate, put it in a pillow form. First wash the sweater and cut the sleeves and neck off. Pretend you’re wrapping a package and tuck the corners in at one end. Sew a few stitches through the sweater at each corner to hold it in place. These cozy accent pillows provide an effortless way to soften your space.

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