Calm down. Things might not be going your way today, but keep you temper. Just because your favorite cereal is gone doesn’t mean your week will go badly.


Take it slow this week. I know you have deadlines but don’t try to finish it all in one go.  Just stick to your normal schedule and you will be fine.


Don’t be too skeptical about your friends’ advice. Take a leap of faith. Mercury is not in retrograde, but Jupiter is.


Take another look at that argument you had yesterday. You may not be completely in the right. Don’t mistake feeling strongly for having the moral high ground.


Don’t be afraid to let go of people that hurt you, whether that’s past or present tense.


Don’t regret that decision so much—you know the one I mean. It will lead to good things if you wait.


I know things haven’t been going well lately, but you will catch a break soon. When it comes, take full advantage of it.


This is a good week to speak up in class even though it’s scary. You can do it.


Stop waiting to reach out to new people. It’s time to take a chance.


Try engaging your lesser-used creative spirits. You never know what might happen.


If you’re like me and just found out you are an air sign, not a water sign, don’t freak out. That doesn’t mean you can’t still go with the flow. Just hang in there.


You need your space. Don’t be afraid to step up and claim it. You deserve to take care of yourself too.

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