Horoscopes: Midterm edition


We know you have a tendency to leap before you look, but try to schedule a little more time for yourself as papers and exams pile up. If you have a heavy week, plan time for relaxation whether it be through meditation, or spending time with a friend, so that you don’t let school frustrations build up. This is not a good week for confrontation.


Taurus, we know you’re used to being in control, but let things go a little this week. Things may not go according to your plans, like work schedules or assignments, but allow yourself to go with the flow and you’ll be ok! It’s good to loosen up once in awhile.


You’re bound to experience a friend upset this week. Your social energy (along with your propensity to act differently in each unique situation) may get you into trouble with a close confident. Just be honest! People are more forgiving if you come clean up front.


Your emotions may go a little haywire this week as classes heat up. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle! You’re used to the emotional ups and downs–so just remember that in a few days, things will calm down.


You’re used to it being all about you, but this week you have a co-worker or a friend in need. They might not expressly tell you they’re in trouble, so be vigilant! It’s important to look outside yourself sometimes and notice what’s around you.


Your concentration may not be what you’re used to, Virgo. This is just the normal ebb and flow of life, but it may help to get active. Head to the gym or some nice hiking trails and get the blood flowing. Taking care of your body will help get your head back on track.


You’re prepping for some big changes this week — possibly switching careers, buying a new car, or looking into job opportunities. Whatever it is, stay focused. You may feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but every little piece counts. Reward yourself for the little victories.


You’ve got a fling that’s heating up, but don’t get too caught up in the tension. You’ve got a lot of schoolwork right now, so don’t be afraid to put off dates for a couple days. You’ll get more done, and they’ll respect that you have priorities.


This is the week to ask for help. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the number of things you have to do, so reach out to a friend or mentor who can lighten your load. It isn’t weakness to take care of yourself, and they may end up needing your help later.


Stop doubting yourself this week. You may be feeling more anxious than usual with a presentation coming up, but we know you’re always prepared! Just clear your head, take a deep breath and you’ll do fine.


The air sign in you is ready to let loose and take things as they come. Keep doing you! This week is a good time for malleability and changing social structures. Even if some friends cancel plans, just keep rolling with it and you’ll end up where you need to be. This is a good week for job interviews, dates and thinking on your feet.


Gentle Pisces, this midterm week you will be seeing a burst of creativity. Whether it be with a piece of art, music, creative writing or just spending time with friends, your ideas will be flowing freely. Even though work may be piling in, you’ll do best to follow wherever your spirits take you.

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