Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo courtesy of Wall321

Photo courtesy of Wall321

Alice Mungyu ’19
Features Editor

Every year, dressing up for Halloween can get trickier and trickier. Costumes are getting pricier and inspiration is running low. So if you’re not looking to spend your money on something that you’ll only wear once, consider these easy, DIY costumes inspired by pop culture, pandas and more. The best part? You can probably pull most of these outfits together with things that you already have in your closet or makeup collection!

Skull Face

Skull-like faces will definitely be a trend that we’ll be seeing this Halloween, along with Harley Quinn inspired costumes. Doing this requires minimum artistic abilities but can be time consuming. Before you actually do this on Halloween, experiment. Play around with the colors and different t-pes of skulls you would want to create. To start off, apply white paint all over your face to create a base for the artwork. If you want to create a friendlier face, incorporate vibrant colors into the look such as blue, green or yellow face paint. If you want to go dark, you can outline your cheekbones in black, and sculpt teeth-like structure onto your lips. There are plenty of tutorials on the skull face look on YouTube by Desi Perkins, Michelle Phan and other Youtubers where you can mimic the same looks or find more inspiration and ideas.

Easy Panda

Simply start by drawing a circular shape with a black eye pencil around your eyes. Once you have that down, draw a semicircle on the outer portion because panda eyes tend to look droopy. After you map out the shapes, fill it in! It’s okay to be messing; you’ll want to set that base with a black eyeshadow so nothing budges. Now grab a white face paint and smear it onto your face, avoiding the blacks around the eyes. To finish it off, outline the top of your nose with the black eye pencil to give it a bear-like nose and draw a line across your cupid’s bow to your lips. Pop on a panda-like hat (you can find it online or at Target) and you’re ready to go!

Playing Dress Up

If you would rather not have a full face of paint or wear a crazy costume, dress up as someone you admire. Or if dressing up for Halloween is the last thing you have on mind, but your best friend is dragging you along to costume party and you’re looking for something quick and easy, pay tribute to your favorite iconic character such as Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Selena and Marilyn Monroe. You can even dress up as a movie character such as Sandy from “Grease,” Regina George from “Mean Girls” or Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction.” The best part to this is that these looks can be created with the help from your closet.

Totally over dressing up this year

Write the words “Error 404: Costume Not Found” on a plain white shirt. Or dress up as Mark Zuckerberg by just wearing a blue t-shirt, cotton hoodie and jeans. Done.

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