Hair in the Shower Drain – Problem Solving Through Art at Smith College

Photo Courtesy Of | Please save your housemates from going insane. Clean your hair from the shower drain.

Phoebe Little ’20
Contributing Writer

As a college student, it’s important to find a work/life balance. When people are busy and stressed out, self-care often is the first thing to go. Self care is important because it’s easy to get burnt out by studying all the time and never taking time for yourself.

Smithies have lots of outlets to deal with stress. Many students join organizations or clubs as a fun way to pursue their passions. Other students relieve stress by exercising at the gym or participating in a sports team. Lots of Smithies carve out time to read for pleasure, create art or work on their own personal writing projects. Most students also relieve stress by spending time with their friends here on campus.

I’m constantly trying to find the perfect balance between work and life. I spend a lot of my time studying in the library and working my two on-campus jobs. But I also find the time to practice my rad dance moves at Get Fit Smith Zumba, sing in The Smith College choirs and an a capella group and spend time with my friends. In addition to these fun things, I have an uncommon outlet for relieving stress.  Much to the dismay of my friends and roommate, I’m passionate about writing extremely silly rhyming poetry.

The following is one of my recent works about a problem that I’m sure most Smithies who share communal bathrooms will relate to. My dream is both to make people giggle and to inspire them to change their world for the better (by picking their hair out of the shower drain).

“Hair in the Shower Drain”
On the floor
by the door
balancing on the decorative paper crane
clumpy clogging up the drain
of what do I speak?
no need to be meek!
I’ll be loud when I say
that hair in the shower, you ruin my day!
Stray hair down the hall like tumbleweed
but no sheriff can get me what I need!
Somehow the hair is in my dorm
a place it’s never been before!
The icky, soggy shower drain hair
does not belong within my lair!
Pick up your hair it’s not that hard
then I wouldn’t have to be a bard
when someone says, “hey who’s hair is this?”
just say “that’s mine young miss!”
By removing your hair from the drain
you save your housemates from going insane
please consider the needs of your friends
Who dream of showering without stepping on split ends.

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