Getting to know Smith’s Ukulele Club

Photo courtesy of | Smith students can rent ukuleles from the Josten Performing Arts Library for a week at a time.

Photo courtesy of | Smith students can rent ukuleles from the Josten Performing Arts Library for a week at a time.


Anna Quintanilla ’19
Contributing Writer

Which awesome musical club meets at 4 p.m. every Sunday in the Campus Center? You’ve guessed it: The Ukulele Club!

The ukulele is great to learn how to play if you do not know how to play an instrument because it only has four chords. It allows you to play your favorite songs with simplified chords and strumming patterns, which adds to the beat and rhythm.

Smith’s Ukulele Club encourages beginner, intermediate and expert strummers to join the group and jam away. And what’s best of all? There aren’t any painstaking auditions for admission! The only requirement is, of course, your willingness to play the instrument and relax by strumming away with your fellow Smithies. If you are a beginner, you can rest assured that Smithies with prior experience will help guide you as you learn new songs!

I joined the Ukulele Club with absolutely no experience. I had never played a string instrument before, but the members with prior experience helped me figure out how to play all the different chords on my first day.

Over the course of the year I continued to attend the ukulele rehearsals and meetings and saw how enthusiastic and passionate these Smithies are about playing the ukulele.

At first, I was really concerned because I did not own a ukulele, but then I was relieved to discover that the Josten Performing Arts Library rents ukuleles to Smithies for one week at a time. The ukulele comes in a black case and contains chromatic tuner to ensure that the ukulele is in tune.

Over the course of this past academic year, we have learned how to play contemporary and oldie songs, such as “Dog Days are Over,” “Country Roads, Come Home,” “Baltimore,” “Make Out” and “First Day of My Life.” This year the Ukulele Club had different gigs and held several rehearsals to practice the songs that they would perform. At each gig, the club opens with its established theme song: “Lonely Apple” by Lady Lamb the Bee Keeper.

If you are now excited to learn to play the ukulele and can’t wait until next year to reveal your inner talent, you should use some of your free time over the summer to check out the YouTube star, The Ukulele Teacher. He carefully reviews how to play all your favorite songs’ chords in just five minutes. Whether you want to learn over the summer for fun or come next year with absolutely no experience, the Ukulele Club is the club for you.

Because of this club, I have now found an instrument that I enjoy playing and a welcoming environment to practice it in.

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