From New York to Paris: Fashion Week Recap

Photo courtesy of SIPA/WENN via | At Fashion Weeks in various cities across the globe, designers showcased their designs for the spring 2016 season.

Photo courtesy of SIPA/WENN via | At Fashion Weeks in various cities across the globe, designers showcased their designs for the spring 2016 season.


Janan Fugel ’19
Contributing Writer

As the Fashion Week season for spring 2016 comes to a close, there are many memorable moments for us to look back on. Apart from the usual fleets of celebrities “casually” walking down the streets of New York, Paris, London and Milan wearing daring combinations of designer clothing with salon-styled hair and professionally painted make-up, there were also new and fun surprises thrown in on the runways.

The Fashion Week season began, as usual, in New York City. From the Big Apple, Fashion Week hopped over the Atlantic Ocean to London, the home of Big Ben. After London, fashionable celebrities were spotted in the streets of Milan and finally in Paris, the city of lights.

This year’s runways boasted romantic and ornate pieces, giving the fabulous crowds a flashy spectacle to watch. There were certain trends that worked in tandem with these themes and seemed to make quite an impression on the audience.

Several innovative designers took “boudoir chic” to a new level. Satin and lace are meant to be seen, not just slept in, according to Céline’s Phoebe Philo, Alexander Wang and many more. Soft, feminine, romantic dresses paired with flats were also a big hit on the catwalks. Whether short or long, these dresses could make any hopeless romantic swoon at first sight.

Vibrant clothes evoking a wide array of emotions also found their way onto the runways. Upbeat and evocative outfits rocked the shows in all four cities. The etherealness of these trends was not to be outdone by the glamorous glow of sequins upon sequins upon sequins on the runway, especially at the Prada show.

However, sequins were not the only thing that glittered. Shiny silver metallics caught many designers’ eyes this season, notably Maison Margiela and Loewe. Watch out, gold; silver is outshining you this time around.

Sequins and silver are exciting, but so were the splashes of Latin flair in many of the runway shows. What could be more extravagant than layers of ruffles and flamenco tiers? Oscar de la Renta’s Peter Copping and Michael Kors certainly made a good case for them.

The way to show off a little skin for this spring? The shoulders. Bare those shoulders, ladies; you can tell people that the designers made you do it.

And have no fear, Smithies; denim is still here. Denim in all shapes and colors played a major role on many of the major designers’ runways.

What other trend is finding its way back on the models, you ask? Tie-dye. Tie-dye was simple, sophisticated and vibrant on the runways.

In New York City, bigger is better when it comes to sleeves. Voluminous sleeves were a big part of part of several designers’ shows.

Finally, Fashion Week’s feature print for spring 2016 was stripes. Horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, bold stripes were all over the runway.

Although the celebrities have left the beautiful cities and the models have cashed in their paychecks, the stunning clothes and innovative trends will last, if only through next spring.   

Until then, fashionable Smithies: stay classy.


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