Four hacks to make the most of Smith brunch

Photo by Tyra Wu '19 | The fruit-filled parfait waffle is one way of sprucing up the weekly brunch offerings at Smith.

Photo by Tyra Wu ’19 | The fruit-filled parfait waffle is one way of sprucing up the weekly brunch offerings at Smith.


Tyra Wu ’19
Features Editor

Brunch: it’s oftentimes the only thing that gets students out of bed on the weekends.  At Smith, students are served plentiful pancakes, fried eggs, home fries and oatmeal every weekend. With all of these delicious foods available at one meal, what more could anyone want? However, no matter how delicious brunch food is, eating it every weekend it can be monotonous. Never fear, with these easy hacks brunch will be an even more enjoyable experience.

1. Fruit-filled parfait waffles

Bored of your typical waffle, syrup and whipped cream combo? Make fruit-filled parfait waffles! This recipe requires two quarters of a waffle, plain yogurt, honey, your favorite fruit, granola, whipped cream and syrup — all easily found in the dining hall during brunch. First spoon the yogurt and honey onto one of the waffle quarters. Next, layer the fruit on top. Sprinkle the granola and pour some syrup. Place the second quarter on top. Add whipped cream, more fruit, syrup and granola. Voila! An easy, delicious alternative to your typical waffles.

2. Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Do you prefer savory over sweet? Try creating the waffle breakfast sandwich. This simple yet delicious creation only requires three ingredients: waffles, bacon and fried eggs. Simply use the waffles as you would bread and place bacon and fried eggs between the waffle halves.

3. Deviled Eggs

Make use of the abundance of hard-boiled eggs now served in the dining halls to make deviled eggs. Simply cut your hard-boiled egg in half and remove the yolk. Mash up the yolk with your favorite salad dressing or create your own dressing with olive oil and mustard. Scoop the mixture back into the egg and add salt and pepper to your preference.

4. Cream Cheese French Toast with “Caramelized” Bananas

Looking to spice up your French Toast? Look no further. Simply gather one piece of french toast, one banana, cream cheese, brown sugar in a bowl, nuts/granola, cinnamon and syrup. First cut the french toast in half and spread the cream cheese onto the french toast. Slice the banana and add it to the bowl of brown sugar. The moisture of the bananas will dissolve the sugar making them look and taste caramelized. Add the “caramelized” bananas on top of one half of the french toast and pour syrup on top. Add nuts or granola for texture. Place the other half of the french toast on top and enjoy!

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