Falling Hard for Fall Colors

Kristine Chen ’17
Contributing Writer

Traditionally, fashionable colors for fall match the beautiful foliage rapidly vanishing from the trees, but this autumn season, mustard, grey, light coral, cobalt blue, and red are in.  How to combine these disparate shades?  Make sure your outfit isn’t a bombardment of strong colors. Wearing a coat or top of one of these colors (or both in moderation) will show off your skin tone. Cobalt blue best complements people with cool undertones and red is best for those with warm undertones. The lucky few with neutral skin tones can wear both colors without looking either pasty or discolored.

As pants, skirts, tights, or leggings, these colors bring the “pop” to an outfit and make you seem put-together, even if you actually haven’t showered in days and are late to spin class.  As scarves, beanies, and jewelry, these colors can bring out  the features of your beautiful face.So what colors look great with red and cobalt blue? Well, naturally, black is the go-to combination color. Red is worn typically with black and white simply because it’s such a show-stopping color on its own, but muted colors such as champagne, tan, or matte gray can also help it stand out.  Cobalt blue can be matched with the same black and white ensemble as red. Grey and tan color schemes are incredible complements to the color. Surprisingly, rustic orange paired with this shade of blue emphasizes the depth of the color.  With regards to metallics, most people agree that gold looks better with warm tones and silver looks better with cool tones.

Caught recently while chopping up kale, Adrienne Szamatoula ‘14, in black leggings, skirt, and hoodie, said that for her, it’s “All black clothes, all the time.  But nobody pulls of cobalt blue like Lucinda Klarich-Kahn.”  She nodded across the kitchen at Klarich-Kahn ‘15, who was wearing an androgynous blue striped shirt.

“There’s a difference between being stylish and being too on point,” Klarich-Khan said thoughtfully when asked her opinion of the latest color trends.

If you see someone on campus working these bright colors, don’t fret about not being able to pull them off too. It’s all trial and error with fashion. Remember that you never know what looks good until you try it out!


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