Fall Trends at College Fashion Week

HerCampus Media hosts a college fashion show on Oct. 3 as part of Boston Fashion Week.

Photo by Carolyn Brown ’16 | HerCampus Media hosts a college fashion show on Oct. 3 as part of Boston Fashion Week.


Anya Gruber ’16
Associate Editor

Are you interested in fashion but frustrated with the unattainably high standards and overt luxury of the high-fashion world? You’re not alone! HerCampus Media, the organization responsible for the popular lifestyle website hercampus.com, held a fashion show on Oct. 3 as part of Boston’s College Fashion Week. Instead of featuring professional, ultra-thin, high-fashion models, the stars of the show were local college students.

The fashion show consisted of four different “scenes,” each of which showcased different trends for the fall. The first scene had a wintry-chic vibe, presenting fluffy white faux-fur vests paired with white turtlenecks. The old rule of thumb to avoid white after Labor Day has been replaced with a new norm – white sweaters, white wool skirts, white coats are all in for the fall.  White is a refreshing antidote to the dark, gloomy colors that often dominate fall and winter clothing. The key to this trend is to keep the fabrics cozy and heavy-weight, so you will be comfortable and warm as well as fashionable! Many of the outfits were worn with boots; their mostly-white ensembles played well with leather and suede booties, as well as knee-high boots. By the looks of it, though, ankle boots are the most fashion-forward footwear for the fall.

The second scene featured bohemian, heavily ’70s-inspired outfits with a proliferation of denim, floaty fabrics, tiny prints and fringe, fringe, fringe! Though the clothes clearly drew inspiration from the Disco Age, they did have a distinctly modern flair. The bell-sleeved dresses, instead of going full-flower-child with long, flowy skirts, featured cropped hemlines and were paired with modern statement jewelry. Another fashion faux pas was reimagined – denim on denim is on trend! The trick is to keep your various denim pieces different weights and colors and include another piece that’s an entirely different texture to keep it from looking monotonous. For example, one of the models wore dark bell-bottoms with a light denim button-up and put a fuzzy faux-fur vest over it.

Menswear-inspired looks dominated the third scene, with crisp, clean lines, solid colors and understated accessories. Most of the outfits were primarily black and white, with pops of red and supplemented with classic, nude-colored shoes à la Kate Middleton. Though inspired by the minimalism of menswear, the ensembles had a distinctly ladylike sophistication that is still playful enough to be worn by a college student without seeming matronly. One of my favorite pieces was a long, black,  belted, trench-style coat paired with black boots. I thought it was very wearable and would instantly make you look polished and put-together with little fuss.

The fourth scene, the grungy ’90s throwback collection, struck me as the most “Smith.” There were lots of plaid shirts and oversized sweaters paired with unexpected pieces, such as mini leather skirts and platform sneakers. The rebellious looks were softened with braided hair – so many braids! This is another trend that’s easy to incorporate into your daily style – fancy-looking braids are actually not super hard to do, and the messier they look, the better!

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of fall fashion, and the trends of this year seem especially promising.


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