The Perfect Timing of Fall Break

Fall Break


Emily Kowalik ’18
Assistant Opinions Editor

The first month of school is fun and games. You’re so busy catching up with friends, buying books, going to new classes, and getting back in the swing of things that you don’t have time to miss friends and family back home. Then October hits hard, bringing with it the first chill of icy rain and the reality that school is getting more difficult with each passing year. Wet socks become your constant companion and trying to remember where you put your winter coat and hat is at the forefront of your mind. The novelty of the new school year has worn off and reality sinks in…you begin to really crave a long weekend at home to escape, and that’s why fall break is the perfect school holiday.

It’s the perfect length: Four days is the perfect amount of time to get home and spend the entire weekend doing nothing but laying on the couch, chatting with relatives and watching all the shows you’ve been missing.

It’s the perfect time of year: Crisp and cool enough to gather around the bonfire with friends, lay on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or squeeze in a movie night with the family. You can relax and reflect upon the past six weeks of school.

It gets you excited for Halloween: You can help the family carve pumpkins, indulge in   apple cider and doughnuts and begin decorating for Halloween. Your family members stumble over each other trying to welcome you, feed you and envelope you back into the fold. Fall break gives you a sense of hope that the semester is almost halfway through and that there are still wonderful things to look forward to as the weather starts turning.

There is something about being fed home-cooked meals, breaking out your mittens and sweaters and relaxing that makes you feel like a new person. Fall Break gives you that extra push you need to make it through the rest of the fall term. This year, the Fall Break finds me in Paris, which, unlike Northampton, is not bursting with fall colors. There will be no pumpkins or bonfires or cozy naps on the couch. However, I hope to find some time to watch the leaves turning in the Bois de Boulogne this weekend. The frenzied crowds of summer tourists have dwindled now, and there is room to enjoy France in the autumn. Maybe I can find some candy corn and apple cider if I search hard enough.

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