Eight Years and Counting! Grey’s Anatomy

Sakshee Chawla ’17
Contributing Writer

For a loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan like myself, being bothered at 9 o’clock on a Thursday night is the worst thing that could happen. For the last eight years, Grey’s has been a source of emotional unburdening for me. Watching Meredith and Cristina, the well-known best friends on the hit show, unveil their dark and twisty relationship has almost become a part of my life, and the thought of not experiencing these emotions in a few months is terrifying. Many believe that it’s high time for the show to end, but I can’t imagine life without this favorite TV show of mine. Recent news highlights that this will probably be the last season that we will see our favourite character Cristina Yang on screen. Creator Shonda Rhimes is known for the emotional roller-coaster ride that her viewers have come to expect in each of the premieres and season finales. In that sense, the season 10 premiere on Sept. 26 was certainly not a disappointment.

The season 9 finale, which aired this past May, left lots of questions in the minds of the viewers, from Jackson almost dying while saving a child to Arizona cheating on Callie with a doctor she met only a few days before. Arizona demonstrated that she never got over Callie’s mistake of cutting her leg, which ultimately led to the affair. I was sitting at the edge of my seat during that episode, unable to predict what was going to be thrown at me the next minute.

Although the protagonist Meredith Grey usually narrates the episodes, the season 10 premiere began with a narration from Richard, famously known as the chief of surgery. A true Grey’s Anatomy fan knew that something was wrong. This was confirmed when minutes later, we were reminded that both Richard and Heather had been electrocuted and were fighting for their lives. Cristina, being the rebel she is, saved our beloved Chief’s life by performing a difficult procedure. The power struggle between Cristina and Bailey while deciding the medical decision for Richard, where Bailey asks the “not so much of a hugger” Cristina to hug her after saving the Chief’s life, almost brought tears to my eyes. Bailey had told Richard that he disappointed her earlier in the show, so the sheer horror of losing the man she looked up to could be seen clearly in her eyes. Just like every other episode, the typical heartfelt stories were aplenty, with a giant mudslide injuring many patients. This kept the Grey’s factor alive.

April Kepner, the lovable scatterbrain, finally accepted her feelings for the doe-eyed Jackson Avery and tried expressing them to him, only to be rejected. Callie displayed utter grief at being cheated on by her wife; seeing her running away with her daughter Sofia was heart wrenching. It was a crazy hour. The second hour was just as intense as the first, if not more so. Trust Shonda to be consistent, right? Meredith found herself making a difficult choice regarding father figure Richard’s life. Unable to keep her emotions aside, she decided Richard’s next steps for him. Meredith Grey, whom Richard always considered his daughter, was given the sole responsibility to decide the medical decision for the ever worsening electrocuted Richard.

Amongst all the drama and chaos, we saw Meredith’s two best friends, Alex and Cristina, spend some playful moments with Meredith’s newborn “McBaby.” Shonda Rhimes is known to kill characters, and the emptiness of watching this episode without characters like Mark Sloan, Izzie Stevens, George O’Malley and Lexie Grey got me nostalgic.

Cristina and Owen, our favourite couple, couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but how long will they continue like this? The twists and turns in their relationship never seem to stop; they always end up tearing each other apart: when Cristina placed surgery over her relationship, when Cristina aborted her child without Owen’s affirmation, when Owen slept with another woman. For someone like me, seeing a couple so meant-to-be drive each other away scares me. One of the main reasons that I hold Grey’s Anatomy so close to my heart are the characters that make their way into your lives, as you associate the events on the show to those that you experience in your everyday life. Hopefully, the show will continue to play every Thursday night, and lead to emotional unburdening for viewers like me.

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