Dining Review: Lamont House

Rebecca Raskin ’16
Assistant Editor

Eating at the Lamont dining hall is a visual experience. The glass-domed room is warmed by the sunlight and the chubby, belligerent squirrels infamous on campus scamper up and down trees, their bushy tails disappearing into the leaves.

Lamont does not serve breakfast during the week, but Saturday morning brunch is convenient for the half-asleep and groggy Smith students of Center Campus. Saturday’s meal included buttermilk pancakes, cheese strata, monkey bread, bacon and vegetable cous cous. Arrayed in heaps in shiny steel trays, the pancakes were fluffy and light and were complemented nicely by the texture of the cheese strata and the mumbling conversations audible around the dining hall. Although the bacon was chewy rather than crunchy, the monkey bread made up for the loss.

Dinner at Lamont that night included curried lamb, noodles and mixed vegetables. The lamb was lovely with the noodles.  For dessert, a cake advertised as “white” which was actually closer to “angel food” was a tad overpowered by its frosting and coconut flakes but still delicious.  Meanwhile, at nearby Gillett, the vegetarian population of Smith waited in line for vegan tortellini.

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