Gender, Labor, and Lions

Gender, Labor, and Lions

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Happy April Fool’s Day! The SoLion presents “Gender, Labor, and Lions”.    

The Sophian interviews: Mahzarin Banaji

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This video is about an interview with Prof. Mahzarin Banaji on her work with implicit bias. Music: I Am Running Down a Long Hallway at Viewmont Elementary by Chris Zabriskie.   Here is a Sophian article on Prof. Mahzarin Banaji from November, 2016. Harvard’s Mahzarin Banaji Helps Uncover Implicit Bias

Video on Sleep

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Parents weekend

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For this year’s parents weekend, the Sophian finds out: how has college changed from when your parents were in school? Feel free to share your story with us!  😉  

LARPing at Smith

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Quad Riot

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Quad Riot last Wednesday- demanding for the Mountain Day!  The Sophian questions: if it’s not last Thursday, when will it be? Is it not a secret that everyone believes that this Wednesday will be the Mountain Day? Is it true though? More to read in this week’s Sophian.  😎  😎  😎 

Dining Protest

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Check out the Dining Protest video from us! More on this Monday’s protest in this week’s Sophian. 🙂

Smith College Convocation 2016

Smith College Convocation 2016

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How would you describe convocation in one word? 😉 Make sure to read our coverage in Thursday’s issue!