Captain’s Corner: Softball

Tessa Clark ’13

Brittany Purington ’13
Morrow/Educatio/Child Studies

When did you start playing softball? What spiked your interest in the sport?

I started playing little league softball when I was around nine years old. I always loved the sport and for me it was the most fun to play. TC

I started playing softball in second grade and I’m not completely sure what sparked my interest in the game of softball. I just ended up liking it when I started playing. BP

How does the current season compare to previous ones?

This season, we have a great group of first years who are very good softball players. I have never been this close to any team before. I love this team more than words can say and they have made my last year at Smith the best one by far. TC

What are your main responsibilities as captain?

With the amount of first years that we have this year, as captains, we wanted to make a family for them at Smith, make sure they were comfortable here and had a great time playing. We try to keep the energy up and be as vocal as possible on the field. The most important responsibility of all is to pick bowling teams for our team bonding night this week. TC

Which game(s) do you look forward to playing?

I look forward to the first games of the year in Florida. It is the first time we play together outside on the field and of course the warm weather doesn’t hurt. TC

I look foward to playing every game with my team. BP

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I personally have a few pregame rituals. I take my necklaces off in a certain order and the same time every game. I also  try to warm up hitting in the same spot every game. BP

What do you hope to achieve with your team?

We want to be competitive in the conference again, bring back a good name for Smith Softball. TC

I hope to achieve getting better and enjoying my last season with my teammates and instilling in them not to take anything for granted because time flies and [soon] it will be their last season. BP

Describe a typical practice session.

We start with a warm up, stretch and throwing. Then we do “you are what you do’s” which is when we break up into our respective positions. We also do some infield and outfield work, hitting and finally “seven innings of defense” where we, like the name says, play a typical seven innings. TC

Favorite moment this season?

We won a close game in extra innings. I started on second base and Brittany put a bunt down, the opposing team made an error and I scored to win the game. TC

I think my favorite moment this season was spring break and hanging out in Florida with my teammates. But every time our team is together, we have fun times and we always make memories.BP

*Sophomore captain Edie Richardson is not profiled.

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