Captain’s Corner: Jordan Dubin

Photo courtesy of Jordan Dubin '15

Photo courtesy of Jordan Dubin ’15

Sport: Tennis

House: Cushing

Major: Education & Child Study

When did you start tennis and what got you interested in the sport?

I started tennis when I was about five years old. My dad played college tennis and I had a love for the game early on.

What is your favorite shot?

Definitely my backhand.

Who is your favorite pro tennis player?

Maria Sharapova.

Favorite Grand Slam?


What is your personal goal for this season?

Considering I will be abroad all of next year in Spain, I want to finish this season with a bang and try to win as many singles and doubles points for my team in our matches.

What would you like to see the team do? Is it any different from previous seasons?

Because we are a very young team for a first time in awhile, I would like to see improvements in development and team camaraderie.

How do you keep your members motivated and engaged?

I cheer for my team members during matches and I encourage all my team members to play a leadership role and support one another.

Does the team have any pre-match or post-match rituals?

We have a special cheer before our matches and group huddle with our head coach, Chris, who pumps us up after team introductions. Chris is a great motivator and coach.

How do you feel about the March ITA National Team Sportsmanship Award? What does it mean for the team?

I am honored to be the captain of the tennis team in regard to the ITA Sportsmanship Award. I am so proud of my team and it means so much to earn this prestigious award.

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