Captains’ Block: Swimming and Diving

Photo by Helen Zhang '15 | Clockwise: Captains Ariel Orr ’13, Emma Reim ’13, Jenika Parson ’13, Mackenzie Bradley ’13

Photo by Helen Zhang ’15 | Clockwise: Captains Ariel Orr ’13, Emma Reim ’13, Jenika Parson ’13, Mackenzie Bradley ’13

Captains: Ariel Orr ’13, Emma Reim ’13, Jenika Parson ’13, Mackenzie Bradley ’13

What are your main responsibilities as captain?

Kim and Amanda work on the physical aspect of the team, obviously getting us into tip top shape, but the captains work on the “togetherness” aspect of the team. You can’t just throw a large group of people together and expect them to suddenly get along, care for each other and support each other. It takes work, and time spent with each other, in this case outside of the pool, and we facilitate that time. We also lead in how we approach workouts, support each other, act and are filled with spirit, as an example, and set the standard for how we expect the team to treat each other. – Ariel Orr ’13

When did you start swimming / diving?

I started swimming competitively in 8th grade. – Emma Reim ’13

What is the most memorable moment this season? Why?

Setting a new 1 meter diving record at Seven Sisters this year. I had never received a higher total score during my diving and was definitely surprised when I heard that it was a new record for the meet. – Jenika Parson ’13

Do you get nervous before a swim / dive?

Getting nervous never helps. I swim all my best times when I’m having fun. – Mackenzie Bradley ’13

Do you or the team have any pre-competition rituals?

We have something called Secret Psyche Ups, where you draw the name of a team member and you get that person little gifts to get them pumped up, hence the psyche up, before meets without revealing yourself to them, hence the secret. It gives people a chance to be creative, show interest in other teammates and take their minds off of the meet the next day. We also do cheers at the beginning of the meet and sometimes, my personal favorite, a dance line to get loose and get excited!! – Orr

If you could change one thing about this past season, what would it be? Why?

I would make the season longer, so I would not have to spend time away from my wonderful teammates! – Reim

I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a beautiful year of swimming and diving. – Bradley

Not being a senior! I wish I had more time to dive. – Parson

What do you envision for the team going forward?

Oh man! In a few words, amazing things!! There were some crazy drops in time, in fact everyone on the team dropped time and a large percentage did lifetime bests, and I think this is just evidence for the amazing things to come given more time and more training with Kim. I’d love to see some WB swimmers get into the finals heats in their events at NEWMACs!! – Orr

I envision this team taking over the world with our killer dance moves. – Bradley

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